Read Isaiah 26:1-6, Ps. 118, Matthew 7:21,24-27

“Thou dost keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts in thee. Trust in the Lord for ever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” (Isaiah 26:3-4)

The only way we can find perfect peace of mind is to trust completely in God. So long as we trust in anything else, we are in for trouble. As Isaiah says, the reason we must trust in God is that He is an everlasting Rock – God is unshakable, unbreakable, reliable, and indestructible.

The essence and joy of Christmas is the reassurance that God never fails; that he keeps his word and he deserves our complete trust. The God who did not fail mankind by sending his only begotten son Jesus to be born for us is a God who never fails.

Do you remember the story of Julius Ceasar? His last words were: “Et tu Brute?” meaning: “Even you Brutus?” People will fail us, but God will never fail us. Machines will fail us, pets will fail us, money will fail us, our government will fail us, our religious leaders will fail us but God will never fail.

Only God has what it takes to truly protect us. Only God has our backs. Only God will risk everything for our sake. He showed this by having His Only Son die for our sake. Jesus assures us in today’s Gospel passage: “Everyone who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a man who built his house on Rock.” 

In other words, in keeping God’s commandments, we have no reason whatsoever to fear what anyone can do to us. Hence the Psalmist says: “In God alone be at rest my soul for my hope is in him.” (Psalm 62:1&5). 

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, help me to trust in you and in nothing else. Amen.

Be Happy. Live Positive. Have Faith. It is well with you. God bless you. (Thursday of the 1st week of Advent. Bible Study: Isaiah 26:1-6, Ps. 118, Matthew 7:21,24-27).